Polyclinic attended by Senior Consultants in disciplines like General Surgery,.....
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General Surgery(Dr. R.K.Gupta (F.R.C.S)), 5:30pm To 7 pm (Mon-Fri)
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M/s Siemens Ltd. M/s Siemens Information System Ltd., M/s Air Port Authority of India.
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Facility & Services

  • 1. Polyclinic attended by Senior Consultants in disciplines like General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Urology, Eye, E.N.T., Orthopaedic Surgery(Bone & Joints), Gynecology & Obstertics, Pediatrics, Neurology & Psychiatry, Speech Therapy, Homeopathy, Chest Medicine, Skin & V.D. Neonatal care centre.
  • 2. Specialised Surgical Services.
  • 3. Emergency Services round the clock.
  • 4. Executive Comprehensive Health Check up by prior appointment.
  • 5. Family planning and Medical Termination of Pregnancy.
  • 6. Facility for painless delivery is also available.
  • 7. Modern Clinical Laboratory under supervision of an expert pathologist & microbiologist.
  • 8. E.C.G., Ultra Sonography & X-Ray round the Clock.
  • 9. I.C.U. Cardiac Monitor, Respiration.
  • 10. Physiotherapy Centre.
  • 11. Well baby Clinic, arrangements of all type of Vaccination.
  • 12. Operation theatre and Labour Room With modern Sophisticated equipment including Endoscopic Surgery.
  • 13. Super Speciality Dental Clinic.
  • 14. Care of the elderly.
  • 15. Community Care Programs.
  • 16. Periodical specialized Clinic eg.For Diabetics, Hypertension, & weight reduction.
  • 17. Professional guidance for alternative medicine.