Polyclinic attended by Senior Consultants in disciplines like General Surgery,.....
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General Surgery(Dr. R.K.Gupta (F.R.C.S)), 5:30pm To 7 pm (Mon-Fri)
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Specialised Surgical services

    • General Surgery Gastro-Intestinal Surgery

      There has been sea of change in Diagnostic as well as treatment ability over last decade. Precise diagnosis helps in achieving desirable results. Every Patient of abdominal pain is not suffering from indigestion and every patient vomiting blood is not a case of ulcer. Similarly all patients of bleeding from rectum are not suffering from piles or Cancer.

      State of the art Diagnostic facility available at Sukhda Hospital-like Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy Laparoscopy can help in making precise diagnosis and there after treatment can be under taken with confidence in patient friendly manner. Neck, Groin swellings, Breast lump can also be accurately diagnosed and treated.

      General Surgery Consultant: Dr. R. K. Gupta (F.R.C.S.)

      Laparoscopy in General Surgery :

      Gallbladder stones : Laparoscopic cholecystectomyIt is the gold standard for surgical treatment of gallstones. This procedure is done under general anesthesia and takes a short time, Patient is usually allowed to go home same / next day and resumes normal activities within 2-3 days.

      Appendix : Lap appendectomy One of the commonest surgical disorder in the younger age group. Can be very effectively diagnosed and treated by laparoscopy. Appendectomy by laparoscopy is beneficial specially in younger women / girls as following open surgery adhesion may develop in lower abdomen and may lead to infertility later in womens life. Also in old persons, there is high likely hood of cancer manifesting as appendicitis.

      Hernias (inguinal, Umbilical, Incisional etc.) : Lap mesh hernia repair; Most hernias are either inguinal, epigastric umbilical or incisional and can be repaired laparoscopically by a mesh. Laparoscopic hernia repair results in much less pain and early recovery i.e patients are mobile within hours after surgery. They are allowed all activities within 2-3 days. Another advantage is that both side of inguinal hernia can be operated in the same sitting without extra pain or stay. The cosmetic results are excellent.

      Stomach (Ulcer duodenum) : Lap highly selective vagotomy / Lap Trucal Vagotomy + Gastrojejunostomy.

      Oesophagus (Hiatus hernia) : Lap Nissen fundoplication. This procedure is indicated for treatment of documented severe acid reflux in food pipe or mouth which fails to medical treatment. With decrease in surgical morbidity by laparoscopic approach, patients are being referred early for surgical relief of their symptoms. After the procedure patient is on normal diet within a week.

      Oesophagus : Difficulty in swallowing/ Achlasia cardia : Lap Hellers cardiomyotomy These patients have difficulty in swallowing and they retain food / liquids which does not reach the stomach A laparoscopic cardiomyotomy relieves the patients of his symptoms.

      Small + large bowel : Laparoscopic surgery for acute abdomen (perforation / obstruction). Lap rectopexy (prolapse rectum).

      Spleen : (Lap spleenectomy) Lap removal of spleen for haemolytical disorders. symptomatic cyst / abscess.

      Liver : Lap hydated cyst surgery. Lap liver abscess drainage Lap biopsy of liver.

      Pancreas : Lap cystogastrostomy, pseudocyst removal. Role in cancer of pancreas.

      Kidneys : Lap Pyelo / Ureterolithotomy for some of the Kidney and ureteric stone. Lap Nephrectomy

      Testis : (Lap orchidopexy) This is laparoscopic surgery for testis which has not reached the scrotum in children (undescended testis) which may lead to infertility and malignacy if not treated. Testicular pain ( laparoscopic treatment for varicocele).
    • Gynecology

      Takes care of normal and high-risk pregnancy. Good antenatal care and facilities are available for monitoring during pregnancy and Labour. (Lab, Ultrasound, Fetal Monitor) Normal and operation delivery are taken by experienced Obstetricians. Facility for painless delivery is also available. A Pediatrician is always present at the time of delivery and takes care of the neonate. In post-portum period women are given advice regarding breast-feeding, excercises and contraception.

      All major and minor Gynecological ailment can be taken care of regarding diagnosis, investigation and treatment at affordable prices.

      Gynecology Consultant: Dr. Charanjit Kaur (M.D), Dr. Kailash Madan( M.D), Dr. Kusum Aggarwal (M.D.), Dr. Aprajita Singh (MS,DNB), Dr. Namita Mehta(MS), Dr. Jinee Baruah(MD, EX-AIIMS)

      Laparoscopic hysterectomy: Uterus removal is one of the commonest surgeries performed in women of the perimenopausal age group has undergone a sea change today, what used to be cumbersome in the past has today become routine due to the advances in laparoscopic surgery.

      Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal hysterectomy (LAVH) / Total laparoscopic hysterectomy (TLH) thus causes practically no bleeding, scar and most patient are discharged from the hospital in 2-3 days and returns to normal activities within a week. Uterus fibroid Removal : (Laparoscopic Myomectomy) For women in child bearing age with fibroid, myomectomy is desirable so that uterus can be saved for future pregnancy.

      Ovarian cyst Removal : (Lap ovarian cystectomy) Ovarian cyst which are perhaps the commonest gynecological disorders can be accurately diagnosed and treated laparoscopically. Endometriosis (chocolate cyst ovary), a very common cause of chronic pain lower abdomen and infertility is best treated laparoscopicaly.

      Laparoscopy for infertility (Diagnostic & Therapeutic): Worldwide laparoscopy when combined with hysteroscopy gives the most comprehensive information regarding cause of infertility. Not only is the cause pinpointed very specifically, but most of the times the corrective surgical measures can be undertaken as the same sitting.

      Other Gyneacological :Procedure done laproscopically

      Sterlization (Tubectomy)

      Lap management of ectopic pregnancy

      Lap Adhesiolysis

      Diagnostic laparoscopy : Worldwide studies have shown that 20-30% patients operated by conventional open surgery has some other cause of their problems. Laparoscospy not only confirms the disease but treats it also at the same.

      Diagnostic laparoscospy is done for

      1. Chronic pain abdomen
      2. Unexplained lump
      3. Subacute intestinal obstruction
      4. Rule out cancer

      Sukhda Hospital Minimal Access surgery center stands fully committed to the cause of Minimal Access surgery (laparoscopic surgery) with the clearly defined aims and objectives :FUTURISTIC EXCELLENCE providing comprehensive high quality, state of art surgical services in the field of Minimal Access surgery to a wide spectrum of patients. In keeping pace with advance in laparoscopic surgery, the department has expanded and diversified in other fields of minimal access surgery :- MORBID OBESITY.
    • Orthopedics(Arthroscopy & Joint Replacement)

      Sukhda Hospital can boast of the very latest in equipments and trained staff in the field of Orthopedics.

      The center is equipped with Ultramodern sophisticated high resolution GE-C-Arm and AO (Swiss) precision power instruments which ensure predictable and accurate results in simple and complex orthopedic procedures.

      GE-C-Arm is the latest in its class and is capable of taking hundreds of X-Ray exposures per minute with minimum radiation hazard to the patient and attending Staff. The machine is also equipped with an image printer for giving instant paper prints once the procedure is successfully accomplished.

      A combination of latest technology for fracture treatment, arthroscopic procedures, joint replacement, with experienced Surgeons and Staff ensures that the patient has the best possible chance of being back on his/her feet after an unfortunate orthopaedic mishap.

      Orthopeadic Consultant: Dr. Suraj Prakash(M.S. MCh), Dr. A.C. Malik(MBBS, MS (Ortho), Dr. U.K. Sadhoo(MS, MCh. Ortho.(UK))

      Some of the orthopaedic procedures which were difficult to be undertaken with accuracy with conventional techniques have become possible with minimal invasive surgery.

      Fracture treatment.
      Operative Arthroscopy for
      Knee- Meniscus tear, Ligament Reconstruction
      Wrist Ligament Reconstruction
    • Plastic surgery include cosmetic surgery

      Sukhda Hospital has provision for Aesthetic Surgery besides all Plastic surgery procedures like Burns- trauma and hand surgery under the able guidance of an experienced Plastic Surgeon.

      The procedures relating to the following broad categories of conditions are available:

      Aesthetic Breast Surgery for Augmentation or Reduction of Breast.
      Body contouring- Liposuction.
      Cosmetic Surgery of face, Face Lift, Rhinoplasty, Chin Correction.
      Corrections of complicated scar contractures.
      Repair of congenital defects like cleft lip etc.
      Vaginoplasty for relaxed genitals.
      Hymenoplasty to reclaim virginity.

      Plastic Surgery Consultant: Dr. M. L. Sharma(F.R.C.S), Dr. P. K. Talwar(M.S, M.Ch)

    • Urology

      TUR for prostate& Bladder Tumour
      PCNL for Kidney Stone

      Urology Consultant: Dr. Anirudh Kaushik, Dr. Satish Gunawant

    • Eye

      Sukhda has in its Eye Care Department, with some of the best eye specialists and surgeons you’ll find in the city. Eye Care facilities provided by Sukhda Hospital

      Routine Eye check-ups
      Stitch less cataract Surgery by Phaco emulsification.
      Glaucoma / Squint check-up
      All major and minor surgeries including Laser

      Eye Consultant: Dr. Deepa Kapoor (MS)

    • ENT

      Manned by senior specialists, the E.N.T department has all the modern and latest instruments and equipments for all kinds of procedures- diagnostic and surgical. We are well equipped for endoscopic nasal and sinus diagnostic and surgical procedures with minimal access, to give best cure rates with very short hospital stay to enable them back to work in a short time. For hearing loss, vertigo, snoring, epistaxis, change in voice and all other E.N.T. problems we have latest equipment for proper diagnosis and treatment under competent doctors and well trained staff.

      ENT Consultant: Dr. Arvind Soni (MS)